Think Covenant

When we think in terms of our Covenant with Jehovah, we will begin to speak with a certain level of boldness and confidence that defies logic or obvious considerations.

Promise Keeper

when we take that Word of promise and meditate on it until we enter into a realm where we are interacting with The Character of the Person behind The Word, we enter into endless realms of [...]

Daughter Lessons

She lived yet one more day, hoped one more hour, believed one more moment and bam!!! Jesus was passing by…

Jew, Greek or Fool

Good morning Friends. I trust you have had a very productive week. By God’s Grace today, we would be sharing on what I title “Are You a Jew, a Greek or a Fool?”. I trust God to make His Word come [...]

The Gospel Truth About Afflictions

In trying times, knowing that God loves you is a pillar to rest on and not a theory to question

Relationship Sacred Cows You Must Kill

Cultivate the ambers of love with the coals of friendship. It may not burn as boisterously red as the passionate flings and one offs, it may be a blue, gentle flame, but stick with it and it will [...]

10 Practical Ways to Show Love in 2018 (4)

Good morning Friend, I trust you had a great weekend. This series has been quite insightful for a lot of people who have given their feedback so far. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this [...]