General Mangu

I want to know You Lord and the Power of Your resurrection, especially the Fellowship of Your sufferings that led to the ultimate sacrifice of You dying for me on a couple of sticks...

Love Missionaries

In God’s economy, sincerity comes before accuracy, heart comes before head and definitely LOVE comes before knowledge.

7 Chapters Later

Don't wait till God is all you have "left" before realising He was all you needed to start with...

Trans Formation

Transformation is what happens between when a believer gets saved and when he conforms to the image of Christ in thoughts, words and deeds.

Wow Series 9

A man walking in God's Wisdom will always be several steps ahead of the enemy... No matter how hard he tries, He can only play catch up.

Wow Series 8

Downplaying the impact of association is one of the loudest expressions of folly... Your association is doing more to you than you are aware of.

Wow Series 7

If there is any common denominator among the most influential personalities of all times and dispensations... It is Prudence in Speech. Learn more...

Wow Series 6

Unduly comparing yourself with another person is about the worst injustice you could do to God, yourself and the world. This will really bless you.