Relationship Sacred Cows You Must Kill

Cultivate the ambers of love with the coals of friendship. It may not burn as boisterously red as the passionate flings and one offs, it may be a blue, gentle flame, but stick with it and it will [...]

10 Practical Ways to Show Love in 2018 (4)

Good morning Friend, I trust you had a great weekend. This series has been quite insightful for a lot of people who have given their feedback so far. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this [...]

10 Practical Ways to Show Love in 2018

when you appear before the throne of God, all your achievements will be non-existent, no matter how lofty they seem to be right now, all your wealth will be pointless, even your Church “service” [...]

The Four Wise Colonies 4

Your imaginations are you Thoughts Of Possibilities (TOPs)... They always determine how far you will go in life and they become the ceiling for your realities. TOP UP!!!

The Four Wise Colonies 3

It is not cheap to find Eagles, because they soar to the highest altitudes. When they glide and soar on the wings of the storms, it looks so easy and admirable, but check them out when they beat [...]

The 4 Wise Colonies 2

Heat is usually a function of large numbers. Exit the crowd, elevate your paradigm, distinguish yourself, achieve greatness!

The Four Wise Colonies

Saving doesn’t mean you don’t believe God will provide for you in the future, it simply means you don’t take for granted, the provisions of today.

General Mangu

I want to know You Lord and the Power of Your resurrection, especially the Fellowship of Your sufferings that led to the ultimate sacrifice of You dying for me on a couple of sticks...

Love Missionaries

In God’s economy, sincerity comes before accuracy, heart comes before head and definitely LOVE comes before knowledge.