Colours of Joy

Joy itself is a satisfaction that cannot be improved upon. The Bible calls it the Joy unspeakable, full of Glory! 1 Peter 1:8. It’s already full of Glory, how could you add to that? It’s a doze [...]

Colours of Grace

None of your errors could intimidate or overwhelm the cleansing power of Grace.

Colours of Honour

Honour is placing a value, higher than the casual, general or common on a person, place or thing to such a degree that it influences and conditions one’s behaviour around, perception about and [...]


People must be seeing you accidentally when they do not need you, for them to seek you out deliberately when they do.

Just Before You Blow

Do not sleep another day with your seeds unsown...

Think Covenant

When we think in terms of our Covenant with Jehovah, we will begin to speak with a certain level of boldness and confidence that defies logic or obvious considerations.

Promise Keeper

when we take that Word of promise and meditate on it until we enter into a realm where we are interacting with The Character of the Person behind The Word, we enter into endless realms of [...]

Daughter Lessons

She lived yet one more day, hoped one more hour, believed one more moment and bam!!! Jesus was passing by…

Jew, Greek or Fool

Good morning Friends. I trust you have had a very productive week. By God’s Grace today, we would be sharing on what I title “Are You a Jew, a Greek or a Fool?”. I trust God to make His Word come [...]