Transgenerational Influence

In Daniel, we find a man who even the secular system could not do without, so much so that he was relevant across 4 different dispensations; Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus.

Defying Attacks Supernaturally

Many of our “fall down and die prayer points” reflect more of our faith in the capacity of the enemy to hurt us, than in God’s capacity to protect, shield and secure us from every arrow, [...]

The Power of Dedication

As you go full swing into the year, make a habit of dedicating to God, everything valuable to you. Put a mark of God’s seal on it. As you do that, you make a loud spiritual declaration of [...]

Spirit Carriers

Music is the dominant reality in heaven and the biggest strength of hell’s boss

The Exterminator

Pride takes one on a journey into Extermination, be informed about this subtle and damaging influence.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Jesus is coming soon, this time, not with a gentle bleating of a sheep, but with fire in His eyes and the rod of iron in His hands. He is not coming to make friends or take selfies, He comes for [...]

The Prerogative of Mercy

In the arena of Mercy, it will never be might nor by power, it will never be of he that willeth or he that runneth, it will always be a God factor; of He that showeth Mercy.

Who’s in your House

If you will use this value system checklist to pick out your housemates, guess what? No impossible dream will remain a mystery to you, because the corporate anointing in your house will become a [...]

The Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel

The Holy Spirit gives the access to this supernatural ability to folks at the instance of love.

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