The Lasting Factor

All other things will pass away, but not a jot of His Word will go unfulfilled, therefore it is to the degree that we have mixed and joined with His Word that we are incorruptible and enduring.

Handling Prophetic Moments

Can you believe that the destiny of the entire nation of Israel rested on Moses’ curiosity? Curiosity is golden!

These Things We Speak 2

The reason why only those who love God can fulfil purpose is simply because they are only ones God can guarantee that will use the fulfilment of that purpose for His glory

These Things We Speak

You are not your body, your status or situation, you are The Purpose of God in the flesh. Jesus, the body had to be created for Christ the Purpose.

Fear & Wonder

Never forget this, that if you alone were the subject of research in the best Research Institute in the world, eternity would not suffice to mine out the full extent of the genius encoded in you [...]

Go and Die!

Can I just plead with you to make some rooms for your _death_? Can I beg you to please *GO AND DIE* so that you, me and others can find a CAUSE TO LIVE AGAIN?!

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