Beautiful Scars is a journey into the potter’s house of the Grand Master Himself, it takes us through the processes, twists and sometimes bends of the transformation we go through even as we live out our quota on the earth. It brings Christ so close, so near and so real, especially at moments when everyone seems farthest. It’s definitely not for those with a seemingly perfect beginning. No where in scriptures did God promise us the best of beginnings, however the Word of God is replete with assurances of better endings. If you want to seize your past and wield it as a tool for charting a better future through the framework of the redemptive work of Christ, then this book is for you.

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Pauline Prayers

The Pauline Prayers are prayers that never age, never die, never fade. They are relevant for all dispensations and seasons, for all people and creed, for all situations and circumstances.