Dami Oguntunde

Dami Oguntunde is a Transformational Leader who has consistently impacted thousands of lives through his profound and inspirational Teachings, Books, Podcasts, Blog Posts, Articles and Devotionals.

He studied Estate Management at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State where he Pastored a 500 member CASOR OAU from 2011 to 2014. While on Campus, he would grow in influence during his 3-year tenure and become the most influential personality on Campus in 2014/2015 (University OSCAR Awards).

PDamz (as he is fondly called) has always been passionate about Human Capital Development and Personal Transformation through the Power of God’s Word. He often narrates how God’s Word turned him from a shy, broken and depressed teenager into the Leader he is today.

During his Service Year at Cross River State 2016/17, he became the NCCF General Secretary of the State and continued to raise men for God’s Kingdom through the Teaching of God’s Word and his stellar Leadership and Administrative Skills.

Having met and known Pastor Dele Osunmakinde (The Founding Pastor of The Baptizing Church) since 2012, when he invited him to speak at CASOR’s Annual Teaching Conference, it was in 2016 during his service year that he officially submitted to him as his Spiritual Father.

After his NYSC in 2017, he returned to Lagos and began working more closely with Pastor Dele. He joined the Children & Teenager’s Ministry and started teaching the Teenagers God’s Word. He did this for two years before he was ordained to lead the new work at Yaba; The PowerPoint Tribe. An expression of TBC called to serve the younger, upwardly mobile generation Z and millennials.

The work started fully in October 2019, the same month he got married to his girlfriend of 4 years; Abisola Oguntunde. The PowerPoint Tribe has grown under his Leadership. He is ably assisted by 5 profoundly gifted and anointed Associate Pastors who have made the work remarkably easier.

Dami Oguntunde is a gifted Writer and an Author of 5 truly transformational Books; The Pauline Prayers 2014, Beautiful Scars 2015, PathFinder 2018, Colours 2020, ManuScript 2020. He writes regularly on his website (damioguntunde.com) which houses over 200 of his insightful articles.

He currently leads an emerging EdTech Start Up in the heart of Lagos; consults for Businesses and Schools along with his Partner at MarkWillows Consulting and constantly churns out helpful and valuable content across his social media handles @damioguntunde.

Dami Oguntunde is Husband to Abisola Oguntunde, Father to Tiaraoluwa Oguntunde, Pastor at The PowerPoint Tribe, Partner at MarkWIllows Consulting, General Manager at HARDE Business School and a Transformational Leader to thousands around the world.