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Colours of Hope

by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning Friend,

I trust you had a productive week. Today, by God’s Grace, we will be exploring the beautiful Colours of Hope.

Hope simply means Expectation. It is the Mother of Faith! You cannot act by Faith when you have nothing in expectation to be achieved by your acting. Hope is like your money in the bank, while faith is like your atm card. Your atm is likely to be busier if you’ve got lots of money in the bank. A man without money in the bank, has nothing to use his atm for. Money in the bank (Hope) doesn’t buy you anything, it doesn’t pay your bills and neither can it put food on your table but engaging the services of your atm card (Faith) can make the money accessible to achieve the aforementioned.

Today, we are sharing on the colours of that virtue in God that always makes you look into the future with a smile on your face.

1. Hope Impacts Positively on Your Disposition to Life: Your disposition is a function of your thoughtposition. When your heart is consistently filled with vibrant thoughts of possibilities, it will reflect on your attitude to life, even if you haven’t started enjoying the benefits of the reality of your thoughts, you certainly are not ashamed, as the love of God and His capacity to provide for all your needs has been generously dispersed in your heart by The Holy Spirit… (Romans 5:5 Paraphrased). When people do not have these thoughts of possibilities in their heart, they begin to lose the meaning for their existence and even start floundering with thoughts of suicide. Depression is home to a man who entertains all sorts of negative thoughts as guests in the chambers of his heart.

Our imagination must be wielded by the Holy Spirit. We must allow Him paint pictures of a glorious future in our hearts, this is what inspires us to begin to do something actively (Faith) to achieve these pictures in reality. Everything God said, He saw… Both before He said them and after He said them. Hope is what He saw before, which made Him to act by Faith in speaking and He eventually experienced the reality that was conceived in Hope and birthed by Faith. No matter your experience at the moment, never lose your picture of a better future, that will create pathways of faith for you to follow which will lead you into the experience of those thoughts.

2. Hope Strengthens Your Resolve to Never Give Up: Where there is no Vision, the people cast off restrains. Restrains are what you subject yourself to, in order to achieve your goals and aspirations. An athlete has placed a restrain on himself with respect to his feeding, sleep hours, exercise, and daily routine just because he has a prize he has envisioned to one day lift. That hope keeps him going to the gym everyday and staying under those regimented restrains. I once defined an athlete as one who has assessed the requirements of a prize/goal, and has put himself through stringent habitual rituals and regiments, so that he can become someone, capable of winning that prize he strongly desires to achieve.

The hope of someday hearing from Your Master, for whom you have devoted your entire life say “Weldone, good and faithful servant, enter in your Father’s rest” keeps us going. We endure till the end because of the Hope in our hearts. The Bible says we must encourage one another with teachings about Heaven and the afterlife. We must keep it in our hearts. When something wants to cause you to renounce Jesus or your commitment to serving Him, that hope comes out strong as a reason to stay faithful. Never give up on what you believe. Keep that image active in your heart and watch it come to pass.

3. Hope Makes You Discount Today for a Glorious Future: When you see people who “wa aiye mo aya”… Hehe. People who take life so seriously and are overly too concerned about the mundane realities of today, it is because there isn’t a hope of a glorious future before them. Why do I have to carry the honey I used in Egypt along with me through the wilderness when I know where I’m headed is filled with milk and honey? Well, except I don’t know…

People who are materialistic have no idea how wealthy heaven is, materialism is a show of lack, not a proof of abundance. When you exaggerate your need to have something today, it is because the weight of tomorrow’s glory hasn’t built up in your heart just yet. Let us mind and keep our focus on things above where nothing perishes than here where everything apart from the soul of man is perishable. Discount today for a greater tomorrow. Deny yourself today so you can enjoy tomorrow, save today, invest today, train today, discipline today… Because the best of everything God has for you is in Tomorrow. What you have seen today is massive, but it’s a far cry from what God has in mind for you tomorrow. The joy is always set before us, not behind us… So despise the shame, endure the pain, deny yourself and baam… Glory awaits you.

Hope indeed never makes ashamed for the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Do well to share with friends. God bless your heart.

One more thing… Smile… Because everything is gonna be alright…

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Damilola Kuteyi July 16, 2018 - 11:57 am

I mean, this is so edifying! Thank you, surprising to realize I’d lost much hope… I’m hopeful again.

Dami July 19, 2018 - 11:59 am

Glory to God. Thank you Dami. God bless your heart

isi July 16, 2018 - 9:55 pm

Thanks so much for this post sir

Dami July 19, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Bess God. Thank you dear. God bless your heart

Victory Osarumwense July 17, 2018 - 11:19 pm

I smiled. ????. More grace to you!

Dami July 19, 2018 - 12:01 pm

Oh you did? I’m glad it blessed and warmed your heart. Amen to the prayer.


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