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Determine To Wait On Him

by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning Friend. I trust you had a fulfilling weekend. Today we shall be talking about another dimension of being led by the Spirit of God; Determine To Wait on Him. One thing believers are the worst at is in the act of waiting. We pray and then hasten God to perform what we requested without a care about what His will might be in the matter. Perhaps waiting on God is the highest display of trusting Him. You cannot say you trust God and yet fail to wait on Him especially when you have the option of getting your answer via another means. Waiting on God isn’t a subject to be taught at the kindergarten stage of the Christian faith. No baby likes to wait! A baby wants what it wants when it wants it and exactly how it wants it. It has no care who else exists in the world. It is only preoccupied with its own needs and as such doesn’t have the capacity to wait for anything it desires. Babies will throw tantrums just to tell the parent how unwavering it is in its desire for that particular thing. Many Christians have developed such attitudes with God as well when it comes to waiting on Him for answers to prayer or for the direction of the Spirit. If you MUST walk with God, you must learn to wait on Him…

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

In Christ, to wait is not synonymous to wasting. It’s the wisest path to take. It may definitely not be the path of least resistance, but it sure pays off the most. There are promises guaranteed to the believer who just chooses to wait on God. To wait on God demands that one puts His flesh under and bridles his tongue. To wait means you won’t give a nasty attitude to God in the midst of your waiting. To wait means you would trust and obey even when you can make no sense of what is required of you. To wait means you’re excited about the next move of the Spirit in your life even when the present situation doesn’t seem palatable. Now these are the restraints you have to put on yourself before you can be seen to be waiting on God. However when we put theses demands side by side with the promises at the end of the tunnel of commitment, what we see is rather staggering. The benefits of waiting far outweighs the demands o waiting. In our text, we find 4 major benefits of waiting on God.

1. Strength Renewal: We all can make use of some renewed strength can’t we? Especially when the demands of our flesh is wearing us out. When we have to stay up at night and think of how to figure out the next move of the next day and all, when we have to spend our energy on things that don’t satisfy… Waiting on God simply renews your energy levels. It refreshes your bowels and your passion for life once again. Waiting is definitely not wasting. While others are seemingly moving past you and you’re waiting, you’re not wasting time, you’re actually gaining momentum. Just like Elijah waited for the hand of God, and while he did so, Ahab had already moved on the back of a horse (arm of flesh), but the moment he was touched by the Spirit, his strength was renewed and he literally outran the chariot of the king (the fastest on the land) in the most dramatic and supernatural fashion.

2. Supernatural Ascension: You would not just mount up, you will mount up with wings as eagles. Not like an ant, a dear or a man but gallantly like an eagle. The power in waiting on God resides in our ability to see the benefits we stand to gain even when it doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment. Once we choose to wait on the Spirit for direction, purpose and fulfillment, then we have given Him the ability to make the best moves with our lives. What other people struggle to accomplish, we accomplish it with little or no exertion involved; by the Spirit. Eagles hardly flap their wings, they glide. It’s a beautiful movement that depends more on the strength of the wind than in the motion and energy of the wings. That wind that carries our glide is the Spirit. He makes us move high with little or no inhibition.

3. Consistency: It is hard to run consistently for a long period of time and not get weary. It is very hard. Especially when the race is that of a sprint. When the Spirit is in charge of your flight and your race, one thing you can rely on is His consistency. You’re not high today and low tomorrow like a yoyo. You will run and will not be weary. You don’t dwindle in excellence, your levels of excitement are not undulating. You are supernaturally empowered to be so consistent by the power of the Spirit. Many people can be fast in the flesh, but for a while. However when the Spirit takes over, you can run fast and never wane in your speed and strength. Only the Spirit can do that. Wouldn’t you rather wait on Him?

4. Endurance: Many folks have eaten more than they could chew and wound up dead and faint. As long as you depend on the Spirit, your vitality is restored and you will remain on the scene for a long time, even till the end. Apostle Paul finished his course because he didn’t depend on his little frail strength for the task committed into his hands, he depended on the Spirit, thereby able to withstand all the vicissitudes of life without losing heart. May you walk and not be weary in Jesus name.

These 4 powerful forces are injected into your life once you determine to wait on God. Waiting on God doesn’t exclusively mean Fasting and Praying. Although it involves that, it is not all about that. It simply means choosing to wait for the leadership of the Spirit in whatever we choose to accomplish. If the waiting requires we pray and fast, we do so, if it simply requires the study of the Word, giving or perhaps maintaining our levels of joy and peace… we are willing to go through them simply because we trust Him to bring us to an expected end.

I hope this has blessed you friend. You are valuable and I love you. Have a great day ahead.

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Victory O. Osarumwense May 14, 2017 - 10:51 pm

“You’re not wasting time,you’re actually gaining momentum” this is for me!


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