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Earners or Receivers?

by Damilola

Good morning Friends. I trust you had a great weekend. This morning I’d like to share with you a thought God laid in my heart just recently. I was reading through the book of Romans and I got to a point I couldn’t move past. I’m sure that must have happened to you before… I checked it again and bam God began to teach me some real good “stuff” from that portion of scripture. I realised while meditating on His WORD that the primary reason why folks have found it difficult to receive the message of Grace and His righteousness is simply “PRIDE”. I was convinced beyond every shadow of doubt that indeed, the only reason anyone would want to stick to his or her own way of “feeling” righteous and neglect the ultimate giver of perfect righteousness is just sheer blatant pride. I hope your heart remains open as we go through the juicy details of this post. I trust that this will rejuvenate your appreciation for the sacrifice of Jesus and reinforce your love for the Father.

Romans 10:1-3 (EasyEnglish) My Christian friends, I want God to save Israel’s people, who are my own people. I want that very, very much. I pray to God that he will save them.
2 I can say this about them, which is true. They really want to be God’s servants. But they do not understand the correct way to make him happy.
3 They did not want to know the way that God accepts people as right with himself. But instead, they tried to make their own way to become right with God. And so they refused to obey God’s way that would have made them right with him.
Vs 3 (KJV) For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, HAVE NOT SUBMITTED THEMSELVES UNTO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD.

Here you will notice that Zeal isn’t the same thing as Knowledge. Many times in the Christian Faith, we are too quick to assume that simply because someone has passion and zeal, then it means he or she has got the knowledge of God. Apostle Paul made it clear that the Israelites had zeal quite alright, but it wasn’t according to knowledge. What sort of knowledge? The knowledge of God’s righteousness and how it operates. I’m about to make a statement that took all the boldness in me to write down… “No one can KNOW GOD beyond his/her understanding of God’s righteousness”. Anyone who says he or she knows God and has never come to understand His Righteousness, hasn’t even known the least bit about God. I don’t care zealous you are about the things of God, if you haven’t understood God’s system of Justification and Righteousness, you haven’t known Him. Paul’s prayer for Israel was that they become saved! Can you really imagine that? Zeal won’t get anyone saved any more than sleeping in a garage would turn anyone into a car. The best zeal can make out of you is the SAUL OF TARSUS, but the Grace and Righteousness of God has the power to turn you into PAUL, the most remarkable Apostle in the cannons of scripture. Israel had zeal, but not according to knowledge and that describes the state of many believers today. We want to please God, we want to do His will but we also want to do it our way; LEGALISM. We want to please Him on our own terms when all He requires of us is simply faith in His own Gift of Righteousness to us. What struck me the most in these verses of scripture is the fact that the Bible says Israel went about to establish their own system of righteousness and by doing so, they haven’t SUBMITTED to the Righteousness of God. Isn’t that amazing to think about? The primary reason they went about establishing their legalistic way of pleasing God was simply “Pride”… That is the unwillingness to SUBMIT to a superior way, opinion, power or authority.
Every time we find ourselves trying to earn our way to receive things from God, we’ve gotten into Pride. To God, this is the chief amongst all expressions of Pride. That you would think that it is your tithe, offerings, Holiness and Church attendance that earns you God’s goodness is just the height of dishonour to the Nature of God. God says you must submit!!! You must submit to His Righteousness, and how do we do that? By Faith! Glory to God. Not by works, but by Faith… ALONE. However in Faith is the Works of Righteousness. But here is my point, stop trying to earn what you ought to simply receive by Faith. There are those who want to earn everything God would ever give them so they can make their boast in it, and there are those who are simply humble receivers. No wonder Grace is strongly attached to humility and pride is the human posture against the Grace of God.

1 Pet 5:8 (KKV) Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:
James 4:7 (KKV) But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

You want to see more expressions of the divine flow of Grace in your life? Then SUBMIT to His righteousness by Faith. What does this submission do for you? It gives you God’s Righteousness and thereby gives you access into EVERYTHING God represents; His Power, His Wisdom, His Grace, His Anointing, His Holiness, His EVERYTHING. I am about to make another startling statement; Every problem of carnality among believers is a Righteousness Understanding deficiency problem… Every last one of them. You CANNOT understand God’s Righteousness, submit to it and remain carnal. This post is to whet your appetite for God’s Word and get you into that zone where you want more than just the drudgery of religious routines, self designed to please a God who is already eternally pleased by His Son and simply seeks those who will honour that sacrifice and receive it by Faith. This is why Faith pleases God, because it magnifies Jesus and dethrones self. So ask yourself this all important question… Am I an Earner or a Receiver? Every earner makes his boast in his labour, but every receiver makes his boast in the giver of the gift. Which are you? Have a blessed week ahead.

Phil 3:9 (EasyEnglish) I can be united to him, so that I am completely right with God. If I obeyed all God’s rules completely, I could never become right with God. Only God can make me right with himself, because I believe Christ.

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Oluwadara July 4, 2016 - 9:04 am

Glory to God.

Olaide Akinteye July 5, 2016 - 10:18 pm

Awesome…the best zeal can make of you is a Saul of Tarsus but the grace and righteousness of God has the power to turn you into a Paul. Thanks again Sir.

Adeyinka July 6, 2016 - 8:53 am

“Every problem of carnality among believers is a Righteousness Understanding deficiency problem…

Ringing in my heart! Self Determination or Zeal isn’t the right way to please God. Submission to his righteousness by Faith does it!

Ever so blessed by Divine Perspective posts. God rewards your Labor of love@Pastor Dammy.
Thank you sir…

tpeah July 8, 2016 - 11:09 am

lil wonder that Paul said to us in Ephesians that by grace we are saved through Faith not by works lest anyman should boast…. more insight!


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