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Fear & Wonder

by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning Friend,

I trust you had an exciting weekend.

This morning, I’d like you to just pause and pay attention to perhaps one of the most neglected areas of your life. Away from all the distractions of your already busy life, could I steal you for a few minutes as we go on a journey of retrospect and reflection?

There is a land she passes by everyday on her way to the hill side in an attempt to go see the greenery, beauty and lush of the landscape. She spends her entire day there, in awe and admiration of the grandeur she sees. She tries to take as much of the flowers from that hill side along with her as she returns from these daily visits, but they keep dying before she get home as they have been taken out of their home soil. She frantically attempts to plant them in her garden… but too late, too little, there’s nothing left of this once beautiful flower than a lifeless and pale version.

This repeats itself every single day, and she keeps skipping past this land just on her way to the hill side. Yes, the land does not have as much lush and green spot like the hill side and that justifies her snob. Then she stumbles on the owner of this hill side spot one of those days. He literally caught her picking out flowers and startled, she had nothing to say than “Errm, I’m hmmn, sorry sir, it will never happen again… ever”. He smiled and retorted with “It’s fine dear, you can have as much as you want, but be sure it won’t grow elsewhere as this is the only ground that produces this variation of the exotic flowers you see”.

He takes a liking to her and decides to share a story with her… the story of how he stumbled upon the land and began to tend it. He thereafter shows her a picture of the land at its original state… before the flowers, the greenery and the scenes. To her amazement, the picture of the land she saw was in a far more deplorable state than the one she carelessly skips past everyday as she strolls to the hill side. She could never connect the land she saw in the picture to the hill side she was now obsessed with. The man concluded with these words, “You could pick my flowers every day for the rest of your life and I would not be bothered, because for every one you pick, about five more will grow in its stead… my worry however, is that you could never grow these same flowers in your garden. Have you thought of paying some attention the land just beside your house?”

That moment… she realises, that she skips past what she had, which could become what she loved, if she simply paid some attention.

That young lady many times is you and I, that beautiful hill side we visit every day to pick some flowers are the great men and women we admire in their fields and aim to be like. We check them out of their social media handles, try to copy their poses, pick out their styles and simply replicate them in our own experiences. Yes it’s exciting for the first few moments, but you need another look, and then another and you want some more … but alas, you still don’t quite feel yourself.

That land you skip by every day on your way to these green spots is “YOU”. You skip by yourself, not even as much as notice its there. You literally just look into the mirror and nothing in you reverberates with awe and disbelief. You never wonder how much awe, grace, beauty and wonder God has packaged in you because you’re in so much of a hurry to catch a glimpse of your favourite actor that you lose sight of the wonder that you are.

I may not know any of those folks you love and would do anything to take a selfie with, but I’m that gardner who caught you in the act… losing yourself in a bid to find yourself. I’m that voice in the desert shouting… “Stop that act of betrayal!” How could you be so blessed with much, and yet be too blind to see it. God could have simply said, “you are made”… full stop!, but He takes it a step further by saying, you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”

Psalms 139:14 (KJV) I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth well.

God is not casual with His use of words, if The Holy Spirit moved King David to use those exact words about you and I, you bet we’re each that cool. Fear and Wonder are words that must strike our hearts every time we think about it. Right on your inside are creative abilities in the God class, that if you will simply oblige the nudges of your spirit, you will physically begin to express these dimensions upon the earth realm. Dimensions that when men see, will leave their mouth ajar. Dimensions filled with fear and wonder.

There is nothing wrong going to the hill side, especially if you desire that men see your good works too, but never for one moment, underestimate the volume of fear and wonder locked up in your spirit as you stroll to the hill side.

2 things to do in order to unlock your Fear and Wonder;

1. Focus on your Story: Listen friend, there are certain situations and circumstances in your history that God has brought you through, which bear in them your seed of greatness. These moments were not created by you or your decisions, they were crafted by the genius of your spirit and paying attention to these experiences, lights up a bulb in your heart that if dwelt on, could light up the world. God will never leave you clueless, you have everything it takes to become all that God has designed you to become… Pay some attention to yourself!

2. Serve your Grace to Others: Your gift, grace or ability is useless if it does not flow in the direction of others. While you’re still at the stage of cultivating your own land and gardening, do all you can to serve others with your gift. Don’t seek to be known or seen, seek only to add value. Anyone who doesn’t think others are deserving of his/her gift, is undeserving of greatness.

Never forget this, that if you alone were the subject of research in the best Research Institute in the world, eternity would not suffice to mine out the full extent of the genius encoded in you by God… Now that is Fearful and Wonderful all at the same time.

I hope this blessed your heart.

Do well to share with friends.

Have a productive week ahead.

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Victory Osarumwense May 19, 2019 - 10:57 pm

Thank you!

Damilola May 21, 2019 - 3:11 pm

You’re welcome dear. Cheers!


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