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Gifts, Friends and Destiny

by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning Friend,

I trust you had a restful weekend. Today, we continue in the Teaching Series on the Book of Daniel, which I believe has been quite instructive to us all. In this post, we will be sharing on the dynamics of the gift of God upon a person’s life and the purpose of such a gift.

Daniel 1:17 (NKJV) 17 As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.

From the above scriptural verse, we realize that the gift of dream interpretation was not given to all the 4 Hebrew Boys, it was given to only Daniel by God. Is God partial? Why would God give someone one gift and give another a perhaps “lesser” gift? Why can’t God just make us all equal, possessing equal qualities of gifts?

1. We have no right of Choice in the Matters of Gifts: A gift is completely dependent on the will of the giver and not the preference of the receiver. It is the prerogative of the giver to decide to give someone and to determine the gift he wants to give such a person. You hardly ever know when someone is planning to get you a gift anyways, so how could you possibly influence the choice of the gift you’re being given?

Because a gift is a sheer function of Grace and not of works, the only attitude required from the receiver is gratitude and not unhealthy comparisons. Remember the parable of the Master who gave the same wage to both those who worked 12 hours and those who only worked one hour? When he was accused of unfairness, he simply retorted by saying they had no right to determine what he did with his own money. If he decided to give someone who didn’t work at all the same amount he gave to someone who worked the entire 12 hours, it was entirely left to him and not the recipient.

We need to realize that a gift is a “GIFT”. Why should anyone ever get angry at receiving a different kind of gift, when the one they received wasn’t even worked for, it’s a GIFT. Receive it with gladness and meekness and never look on your neighbour’s to begin the fool’s hobby.

This leads to the next point

2. A Gift Puts Responsibility on the Receiver: It was apparent that the destiny Daniel has to fulfil in Babylon with respect to the grand plan of God for the Nation of Israel was quite grand, and it was obvious in the kind of gift God gave to him. He wasn’t just gifted by God with a generally bright mind which could understand Sciences, Humanities, Philosophy, Literature, Law, Technology and all the other areas he had to learn. He was especially gifted with the ability to interpret dreams. This gift was a pointer to the weight of responsibility that will be shouldered by Daniel in the scheme of things. He will eventually be the prophetic voice for the Nation of Israel in Babylon and the only one who could understand both naturally by the books and prophetically by the Spirit, how that the time of captivity had passed. He was the one to fast for 21 days for the Nation, seeking answers and remedy for their dilemma.

Today, what we see is that people see gifts as an opportunity to gloat and reign supreme over others, make themselves into demi-gods, become haughty and high-minded thinking of themselves more highly than they ought. That Daniel was given a special gift did not make him superior to his colleagues, it only made him more responsible! Gifts are not for fancy fun fair, they are for weighty magnitudes of responsibilities. Esther was Queen, not for the camera or IG, she was Queen in order to save her people from extinction. Every time a gifted person mishandles the gift God has given to him/her and wields it for selfish purposes, a generation goes extinct! The greater the gift, the greater the sacrifice! Don’t get excited when you’re called of God, cry, lament perhaps, because now, if you don’t interpret the King’s dream, an entire Cabinet of Senators and Astrologers will die and their blood will be on your head.

3. A Gift Requires Valuable Relationships with Secure People to Flourish: Daniel’s gift was a unique gift that the other Hebrew Boys did not have and guess what? They honoured him and recognized that gift in his life. Rather than compete with him, they became allies with him to bring that dream into active expression.
When the King dreamt, forgot his dream and was about to make everyone pay for his forgetfulness, the Bible says that Daniel asked the King not to do such a brash thing, that God could reveal the dream to him. So guess what He did? He went back to his company and they all created an atmosphere of prayer that influenced the eventual delivery of the “Million-dollar, Life-saving” interpretation. His friends never got jealous of his gifts, they accepted that he was indeed uniquely gifted and aligned accordingly. (This will be a good time to read up on “Colours of Honour”).

He was the gifted one quite alright, but that interpretation may not have come that quickly without the support and camaraderie of his 3 other secure friends. In the end, perhaps it was said that “Daniel interpreted the King’s dream” and maybe the astrologers formed a long queue in front of Daniel’s apartment and started thanking him for saving their lives, the friends didn’t feel like “but he was not the only one that interpreted the dream naw, shebi we also helped him ask God for interpretation, see how he is taking all the credit…”

May God bless you with friends that are genuinely in support of the gift and the call of God upon your life. Those kinds of friends are priceless because they are scarce. Daniel also did not become haughty in relating with them and thinking he could fulfil his purpose in isolation. He partnered with solid hearts and remained humble to recognize their involvement in his success story.

Glory to God!

I hope these lessons blessed your heart like they did mine. Do well to share with friends. God bless your heart. Have a remarkable week ahead.

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Tammy Dauphin September 3, 2018 - 10:17 am

Wow…”we have no right of choice in the matters of gifts” great lessons sir…More grace upon you!

Dami September 3, 2018 - 10:49 am

Amen… Thank you Tammy. God bless your heart

Victory Osarumwense September 3, 2018 - 6:53 pm

To be blessed with friends like this is a gift. Awesome one Pdams

Dami September 3, 2018 - 7:39 pm

Thank you Vee. God bless your heart indeed.


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