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by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning friends, I trust we had a great weekend. Happy Easter!!! God has been good, hasn’t He? Bless His holy name. Thank God for resurrection. What if Jesus never died? Many people think they would be better off if Jesus were still on earth and they could physically relate with Him… The best that could have happened is that He would be a 2049 year old General Overseer with the largest Church in Jerusalem, who preaches occasionally at conferences and seminars… But thank God He died!!! Thereby making it possible for EVERY AND ANY ONE who believes to enter into EVERYTHING His redemptive purpose made available to us. Thank God for Jesus. He alone is worthy of all attention and glory. I was reading my Bible recently and I found a very beautiful truth. I’d like to share it with you… Please come along with me.

Matthew 17:8 (KJV) And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

Ministries are not designed to be built around the personality of a man or the charisma of another, the Church of God has only one super star and His name is JESUS. This verse of scripture paints a rather graphic and illustrative picture of the ideal state of the Church, but whether it paints a realistic one is a bit of a mystery. Let me give a quick background to the passage before us. Matthew 16 was where Jesus asked about who men thought He was and his disciples said all sorts, eventually Peter speaks out by revelation and hits it spot on. Jesus is impressed, He reveals Peter’s identity and went ahead to make some declarations about the Church. Jesus began speaking of his destiny of dying on the cross believing that now that they knew His identity, they could handle his destiny, but not so. Peter would later rebuke Jesus for attempting “suicide” after they all had abandoned their livelihoods to follow him. Jesus rebukes Peter and calls him “satan”. Once again Jesus trusts his 3 members of the inner circle with The Transfiguration experience. It was meant to be prophetic display of the change of dispensations. Moses representing The Law and Elijah The Prophets, while Jesus represented the new order of Grace. He went with Peter James and John, whose interpreted names mean Stone, Replacement, and Grace respectively. Stone representing the Law, James typifying replacement and John symbolizing Grace… This clearly put forth the allegory that The Law was being Replaced by Grace. Both the Law and the Prophets spoke of Him. This is why The Father spoke from heaven and commanded EVERYONE including Moses and Elijah to hear HIM, the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

John 1:17 (KJV) For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

There is so much truth to glean from Matthew 17, and I have done a tremendous job at crunching the whole backdrop gist into a paragraph*smiles*. Now let’s just zoom in a bit on the core of today’s message. Verse 8 says that when they lifted up their eyes, they saw NO MAN, save JESUS only. Like I said earlier, the Church has only one super star; The Man Jesus. Whoever people see when they lift up their eyes is who has been exalted. When Peter, James and John lifted up their eyes, they did not see any MAN there, they didn’t see any other person apart from the person of Jesus. No man can adequately answer the questions in every man’s heart like THE MAN JESUS will. The woman by the well met him and in one moment of exchange with Jesus, her entire life changed for the better. These are the few things that happen when MAN is lifted;

1. Pride: Apostle Paul warned Timothy not to put a novice in office because the novice will without knowledge exalt himself instead of Christ and then the devil will take advantage of him. Pride can’t receive anything from God, because it exalts itself against the knowledge and person of God. So all God can do to the proud is resist him. When man is lifted, Pride is inevitable. No man can accommodate the glory of God in his head or heart and remain the safe.

2. Performance: God has not called us to perform but to minister. Let’s leave the performance to the secular artistes and entertainers, but as far as the Church of Christ is concerned, Ministry is the order of the day. When we perform, all men see is man because that’s what is lifted, but when we minister, people see Jesus and are drawn to Him.

3. Pretense: When a man wants to perfect in the arm of the flesh what only God can do, there is bound to be pretense. He would begin to display unreal tendencies and put up a front that isn’t real. When it’s all about Jesus, I have no need or pressure to pretend, because it was never about me. Exalting only Jesus puts less pressure on us to impress, because we would always fall short no matter how hard we try to replace the person of Jesus. Exalting Jesus puts the pressure off you and gives God room to be the Doer of the Works.

4. People Pleasing: When a man exalts self, the next thing he does is to seek to do only what will bring the adoration and praises of men. When a man doesn’t exalt Jesus, he is forced to do what will keep people coming, because he obviously knows they were not coming for Jesus in the first place. This was the sin of Saul; trying every means to keep people satisfied even at the expense of obeying God. Those who do not exalt Jesus soon turn to other means of getting results… whatever keeps the people coming. This is why many people begin teaching false doctrines and involve themselves in schemes to falsify miracles and testimonies. If Jesus is indeed exalted, miracles will be cheap and common place but real and genuine.

Text space wouldn’t allow us touch on what exalting Jesus brings to the table for any Church, Ministry, Minister or Believer, but we would do that next week. It’s been an amazing time out with you. Divine Perspective keeps getting richer and better every time, please endeavor to share this life changing write ups with your friends across your social media platforms. Remember to EXALT JESUS ONLY this week in all that you do. I love you.

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Odusegun Mrs March 28, 2016 - 9:41 pm


tpeah March 29, 2016 - 2:54 am

*Head bow*…I exalt Jesus only…

Abisola April 14, 2016 - 7:05 am

JESUS is exalted above all.. Hallelujah!!!


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