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The Devil’s Oblivion

by Damilola Oguntunde

Good morning Friend. I trust you had a great weekend. Today by God’s Grace, we will continue to glean valuable lessons from the Cross of Christ. One thing the Cross teaches us is the fact that the devil doesn’t know all things, especially about our future. He most often is as clueless as a toothpick, and only depends on the words of men and circumstances to predict the future. He has no foreknowledge of the future like God does. Many believers give the devil more credit than he deserves by making it look like he can determine the outcomes of their lives. Our Faith or Fear has more to do in determining the outcomes of our lives than the devil’s desires. The Cross was not a hidden reality in scriptures. Several thousands of years before Christ came, Moses lifted up a serpent on a brazen staff and asked the wounded Israelis to lift up their eyes and look upon it… which was a type and shadow of how the Son of God would become the object of sin and take upon Himself our judgment as He hangs on couple of sticks. Moses testified of this. David more than any prophet spoke about the passion of the Christ upon a tree, chapters upon chapters of messianic scriptures are painted all over the canvas of the Torah, but the devil; though can read but cannot understand. He is void of understanding, He can neither understand prophecy nor scriptures. The evidence was more than substantial in all scriptures but the devil couldn’t see it. This is why we must understand that an unrenewed and a carnal mind cannot understand anything of the spirit, neither can he know them because they are only spiritually discerned. (See 1 Cor 2:14).

The Pharisees read about Him for the first 2 decades of their lives, they could literally quote two thirds of the psalms by heart, but when they saw the reality of who they had always read about, they rejected Him and crucified Him. Listen to this very carefully, if you are a man or woman driven only by your senses, you can’t go too far with God. If the princes of this world could just have had some spiritual understanding or at least be able to peep into the eternal counsel scenery of God, maybe they wouldn’t have been so dumb to just act out the very script they were trying to undo.

1 Cor 2:8 (KJV) Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

The fact that they didn’t figure out the plan of God for Jesus, which was to die on the cross, makes me more than certain that the devil is absolutely clueless about God’s eternal plan for me. Jesus’ destiny was not hidden, but it remained a mystery to the devil. So am I to the enemy, I am a mystery to him and will remain one to him until his tenure on earth is over. When he perceived the imminent coming of a deliverer for the people of Israel, He moved Pharoah to kill young innocent children. That was because he didn’t know the exact child it was, so he took no chance and decided to kill all the kids just to eliminate one. He would eventually still nurse him under the roof of Pharaoh himself… how ironical! That was because he was clueless. When Jesus was born, it took some discerning wise men to tell Herod that a king had been born, how shameful for a supposed dark force who had been looking out for the saviour for millenia. He would eventually repeat the error he made with Pharaoh in Herod. The devil cannot improve on his strategy. He’s too blind to have a clue!

Beloved, stop giving the enemy too much credit than he deserves. He has no clue about what tomorrow holds for you. Sometimes, I actually think the devil just sits down and takes notes from us on “how to self destruct in a hurry”. He only takes advantage of our ignorance and lack of understanding of the Word. He may get some hints about how great a destiny you have and throw everything in your path to distract you and destroy you. However, the more he tries his best to undo God’s counsel for you, the more he brings the required resources to make it a reality. This is why it is imperative for a believer to understand how indispensable speaking in tongues is to his/her destiny. Tongues is an encoded mystery decodable only by God, (See 1 Cor 14:1-2). Even your mind can not unwrap it, except God gives it an interpretation. With tongues, you allow God execute His eternal unchangeable counsel about your life, while He uses every available circumstance in your past as materials for the masterpiece He is making out of you. Only God knows the future He has ordained for you, the devil does not know it.

The Cross teaches us that no matter how glaring the prospects of our future is as Sons of God, the devil is ultimately blind to the workings of God in our lives. Quit praising the devil with your complaints about how things are not working. Start praising and praying in tongues and as God would ONLY have it… all things will begin to work together for your good, to the devil’s shock and oblivion.

Have a wonderful week ahead. God bless you!

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