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by Damilola

You’re welcome to Divine Perspective. I am glad you made it up here, and I trust you’re having an amazing year going for you. It can only get better by His grace.

I’m aware you probably currently subscribe to several sites, especially Christian ones, where you’re being blessed and inspired regularly. This is not an attempt to add to your already full repertoire of Christian sites to visit, but just as the theme of this blog typifies “Divine Perspective”, we simply seek to bring a divine perspective to matters concerning your Christian faith and walk with God. For if the eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light.

We see how we see because of where we see from, there are different perspectives to life, much of which have no spiritual and eternal weight. Just like Prophet Samuel advised in 1sam 12:21 that we take proper care not to chase after things that do not profit or deliver in the long haul, they might seem so useful here and now, but they fade into oblivion with passage of time.

We are geared towards bringing a Divine Perspective to your lifestyle, so you can learn to do the things that matter, for not all things that can be counted counts, and not all things that count can be counted. When you see life, love and leadership, from God’s divine perspective, your world is bound to take a turn of total transformation. Thank you for giving us a chance.

I am your host.

Damilola Oguntunde

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