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Go and Die!

by Damilola

Discussions or muses centred around death, in some culture and circle, is seen as a taboo; and you can’t help but wonder why. It is sheer absurdity and carelessness to leave an aspect of one’s life to chance in which death is a major aspect. If at all, we were all unconscious or oblivious of the circumstances surrounding our birth; thank GOD we are grown now. It’s absolutely a mark of responsibility and maturity to have an inclination of how one’s death would be perceived and perhaps even predetermining how it would be {C’mon that would be a glorious endeavour}.

Apparently, if we’ve been advocating that life must be lived intentionally. Taking some minutes to ponder about our death and the life after it wouldn’t be a bad idea. No fears!!! This contemplation is aimed at putting the different categories of death in perspective.

Really, it pains to miss a loved one, and it equally grieves to be missed by your loved ones. Quickly on life after death, never forget that, one, “it is appointed for all men to die just once”. Two, death is an inevitable debt. However, three things I believe are most essential here: _Prosperity_ of your soul; _Posterity_ of your impact; and the _Progeny_ of your loins. The first talks about the afterlife of your spirit – ETERNITY; the second talks about the afterlife of your soul, your ideas and ideals – LEGACY; the third talks about the afterlife of your body – OFFSPRINGS {Biological}.

1. ETERNITY: No guess work about it. You need to be sure of where your spirit is spending the life after death. I am a believer and I believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell. I believe _Heaven is real_ as much as _Hell is real_. So it’s a question of, “In which of these two places would you spend your eternity?” If you have Christ, a believer in Jesus who has confessed the Lordship of Jesus and walking according to His principles and power here on earth, Heaven is sure. If otherwise, hell is the destination. But it’s worthy of note that hell wasn’t created for man.

It is GOD’s desire that no man reject Jesus and choose hell. So the clarion call has always been there about coming to the saving Light of the Gospel. If you’re not saved, its about believing in your heart that JESUS came to the earth many years ago, lived as human, died for the sins of the whole world (including you and I), crucified on the cross, buried and He resurrected to life on the third day and STAYS ALIVE FOREVER MORE. Having believed that in your heart, You subtly confess that to you. And there you are – YOU ARE SAVED. All you need to do now is to walk in that knowledge of your salvation by joining a church with sound doctrines of your new realities in Christ. That’s all! No need talking about the contrary – Hell. The preceding is your best route to the *Prosperity of your soul*.

2. OFFSPRINGS: If you are a parent or when you become one and physical death sets in, you must or should have lived such that proper structures are in place to cater for the needs of your biological seeds. A good man leaves inheritance for his children’s children. Such inheritance are not what the _hand_ can grasp. It’s bequeathed to the _heart_.

Hence, preparing for your transition must start the day your offsprings come of age. A heart-to-heart connect is what guarantees a viable and lasting impact! Connect with the heart of your offsprings early enough. This same pattern should govern spiritual or mental offsprings – Your proteges or spiritual seeds. Bequeath wealth of knowledge, experience, impact, modelling to their hearts. Never forget, *create the COMMUNITY, then CONTRIBUTE!* Your family is a community already, contribute spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and materially.

3. LEGACY: What you earn while still alive is _reputation_, _legacy_ is what people think of you long after you’re gone. *Legacy is an imprint, not just in the publications of the newspapers or the organisation you led or the books you wrote but in the heart of the lives you have touched positively*. Real leaders don’t wait till they are about to die before scripting their epitaphs. They write it before they even start the journey of life. Then they tread it!

So may I ask you if you have written your obituary already? What would people say about your ideas and ideals? What would they say about your generosity? Your impact? Your compassion? Your commitment to growth and excellence? Your unreserved love for all men? Your passion to see changes? Your drive to be the best you? Your acts that inspire them? What confessions of your existence would be made when you’re gone? Which one person would say, “Your existence made the whole difference in his or her life?”. What would be said of your sacrifice? How many deaths would they say have experienced you, before physical death released its venom on you?

You should be a ‘dead man’ living. A _dead man_ deaf to the destructive criticism of people. A _dead man_ fully focused on his dreams. A _dead man_ who dies daily with portions of his daily regimens. A _dead man_ who would, all the way continually dies, just to see life manifested in people. A _dead man_ continually going poor just to see many rich under him. A _dead man_ living for something BIGGER than him. A _dead man_ who fears the Lord and is passionate about reaching the world for Christ. A _dead man_ always ripping himself off unwanted webs and excesses just to stay fit for his assignment and mandate. A _dead man_ who continually drills to make himself lighter just to travel far. A dead man with _largeness of heart_ who can accommodate the plight of the downtrodden and with _vastness of insight_ to proffer solutions to economic and national matters.

Why disturbing yourself with the ‘mundanes’? Why wasting the abundant oxygen in the cosmic space when there’s more you can do than just exist? Why struggling to stay alive when you can dash fear a fair blow and jab? Why grappling with success when you can _be and stay_ significant? Why be an element of social statistics when your inventions and creations can be known to have changed the dynamics of operations here on earth? Why haven’t you yet experienced death in many compartments of your life before the great physical death come lynch you?

It’s *TIME TO DIE!* Time to LIVE and DIE for _something_ bigger than you. Time to die for a higher _worth_ and _purpose_. It is a principle of life – dying to live; dying to catch a fresher breath; dying to propagate ideals that would positively impact generations; dying to see people transformed; dying to see hope rekindled; dying to yet capture a grin on the chin of the have-nots; dying to set am effect in that would ripple for ages.

Stop wasting oxygen, nations depend on your _death_. Can I just plead with you to make some rooms for your _death_? Can I beg you to please *GO AND DIE* so that you, me and others can find a *CAUSE TO LIVE AGAIN*?!

Keep raising the edge!!!????????⚡????


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Seun Gbite April 29, 2019 - 9:31 pm


Life’s Valedictory speech

Thank you sir

Damilola April 30, 2019 - 2:17 pm

Awesome, I was blessed too. Bless God for His Grace

Adaeze April 30, 2019 - 4:44 am

Wow! I should be a ‘dead man’ living. This really blessed me.
Thank you Sir!

Damilola April 30, 2019 - 2:17 pm

Bless God for His Grace. God bless your heart.


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