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He is Not Here!

by Damilola Oguntunde

Hell Heaved a Sigh of Relief
While Mary Slumped into Grief
It Was a Long Day of Clutters and Whips and Hammers and Thorns
Heaven Closed the Curtains on Its Finest Son
The Cup of Fury Was Poured Out
As Jesus Went Down South
He Was a Man Sent from Heaven
But Would Not Return There Until He Passes Through a Coven
A Coven Filled With Legions upon Legions
But Guess What, He Didn’t even go With As much as a Battalion
He alone was The Army they so Dreaded
Thinking for a moment, they Had Gotten Him Eliminated
But Had They Known, They Would Not Have Crucified the Lord of Glory
And Now, the enemy is about to be Sorry
Having Preached the Gospel to Hell’s Residents
A Long list of Occupants Signed Up for an eternal House with no Rent
He Plundered the Devil of his Spoils
As He led Captivity Captive in Joy
Singing Ol’ Hymns and Psalms and Spiritual Songs
About the Blood, the Cross all Night Long
These are the moments we Live For
What makes Our Faith Stand Firm and Sure
For Resurrection isn’t an event of the Past
Resurrection is a Person, He is the First and Last
Join me and the Host of Heaven As We Sing Aloud
We Believe Because He Raised
We Love Because He Raised
We Know We’ll be Caught Up Because He Raised
We Will Live forever Because He Raised
As Magdalene walked to the Sepulchre that Sunday Morning
Well Poised for a Long Week of Mourning
The Angel Interrupted her Fear with Cheer
As he Muttered, HE IS NOT HERE!

Happy Easter!
God bless your heart.

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Seun Gbite April 22, 2019 - 10:02 am

He is alive.

Damilola April 22, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Ooh Yes He is


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